The origins of the entity known as Dan E.T. are as mysterious as the ultimate destination and final permutation of the artist who has been largely known as Danny Torgersesen, the multi-instrumental madman of the modern age, ultra-cool composer, singer of songs, collector of esoteric knowledge and cultivator of eclectic views from here to Zeta Reticuli.

Danny Torgersen has built a reputation on being one of the most prominent and prolific trumpet players in Phoenix, Arizona. Renowned for his talent, his charisma and what he brings to the stage, Torgersen is one of the most sought after musicians on the scene, and with good reason. He is not only a trumpeter though, he is a singer, a multi-instrumentalist, a composer, a songwriter, a larger than life cartoon character and more than likely, an extraterrestrial

Torgersen first came to public attention when he joined a ska band called Captain Squeegee and The Soap Suds in 2002 as their new trumpeter. Within a few short years the band transformed into something far different from how it began, with Torgersen leading the helm and the vocals exploring psychedelic sounds and esoteric subject matter. They had dropped the Soap Suds and simply become Captain Squeegee.

A band that would eventually continue without any of its original members to far greater heights
From a 2019 vantage point Torgersen’s Squeegee, which occupied the hearts and minds of fans across five albums seems more like a launching point for this psychedelic, extraterrestrially obsessed dynamo. Through Squeegee he became a highly sought studio session man which only served to garner more attention and more work for Torgersen. If you tally his collaborations, features and projects on Spotify he has over 1.5 million plays to his name.

Captain Squeegee was not the only band he took the stage with though–this multi-talented mirth making wizard could not be confined to just one outfit for very long. He’s played on three albums by Cumbia rock pioneers Fayuca and toured the US and Mexico with them, including touring with Dread Mar I from Argentina. He lends his trumpet wielding wildness to Sublime tribute outfit Badfish, which has accounted for his constant touring of the United States, playing for 2-3000 people a night including headlining the Badfish Festival twice a year in Nelson Ledges, Ohio. Torgersen has also been a main player on three hip hop albums from Mouse Powell. He finds himself as a composer, songwriter and keyboardist on many of these projects, adding his own outer space layers to everything he touches.
His artistic interests don’s adhere strictly to music as he also had a taste for film and video projects, perhaps best exemplified by the brilliant catalog of videos for Captain Squeegee alone, with his visual projects garnering half a million views on YouTube. Most recently he directed the music video for Break The Robot’s “Life Goes On” and had previously directed the video “Our Children” for Captain Squeegee. He has also collaborated with amazing directors like Matty Steinkamp and animator Johnny McHone of Robot Chicken. The videos of Captain Squeegee have won more awards and accolades than you can imagine.

If that’s not enough to fit into one extremely colorful personality Danny Torgersen is also well known as a UFO enthusiast, conspiracy aficionado with an unquenchable thirst for esoteric and forbidden knowledge. He is not only an artist, but truly a polymath of the peculiar. So though he arranged and performed with The SyFy Drumline at San Diego Comicon, is recording new records with Captain Squeegee, Fayuca and Mouse Powell, touring with Grieves, Ballyhoo! and all previously mentioned outfits, he will also be invading the International UFO conference. His interest in esoterics, the cosmos, aliens, paranormal, conspiracies informs the vibe found in his lyrics and throughout his interviews and internet antics.

It is rumored that Danny Torgersen even studied Jazz Trumpet and Musical theatre which share his roots with ska. He has arranged for college big bands, college Orchestra, composed several Indie Film scores and is currently arranging for SyFy Drumline. Torgersen’s genre bending talents have been recently featured on Fayuca’s “Other Lovers (Feat Dan E.T.)” (Reggae), Dann G’s “Desperado” (Hip Hop), Harper & The Moths’ Dark Enough to Dance album (Dance Pop), Halocene’s Refraction (Pop Rock), Mouse Powell’s singles “Falling In Love” & “I’ll Be There” (Hip Hop) and Authority Zero’s Live Album (Acoustic Punk). He has most recently returned from premiering his performance as Dan E.T. in Chengdu, China!

In addition to this insane resume of good taste and wise decisions, Torgersen has played trumpet with Weezer, Gondwana (Chile), Grieves, Roger Clyne, Bumpin Uglies and Authority Zero, he’s toured wiht Fidel Nadal (Argentina), Boom! Percussion, and AbbaFab. In one outfit or another he has opened for Animal Collective, CeLo, George Clinton, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ozomatli, Streetlight Manifesto, Watsky, Less Than Jake and The Aquabats.

If that’s not enough you can check out the 126 song playlist Torgersen has put together of his various collaborations throughout the years. If this man’s audio resume doesn’t provide the proof in the pudding, nothing will.

Danny Torgersen is a musical maelstrom of talent to reckon with, whether he is out in front leading his own band, adding his talent to other groups or playing puppeteer behind the curtain, infusing his style and sound into a myriad ways through the recorded multiverse. His talent and influence increases every day with each new move of artistic wizardry and now the next stage of his evolution has started to spin as the era of Dan E.T. has begun!

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